The AML is a non-profit organization formed by a wide network of supply chain specialists, counting with the best recognition in Mexico.

Mission and vision
Some people only dream about changing their logistics. You are realizing it every day. Our mission is to support your efforts.

Our values enable us to integrate efforts harmoniously to reach common goals that could not be reached individually.

Board Directors

Since nothing in this world can be done without great passion, our board of directors works to help you transform your logistical vision.



Nowadays, it cannot be denied that logistics is a key element to global economics. Considering the beginning of the decade as the "base line"for the logistical takeoff of Mexico, and since foreign trade had a significant upturn, we can affirm that the beginning of the decade was encouraging for the Mexican logistical sector. The increase of consumption in the U.S. brought positive consequences. According to the data from the Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (INEGI), the total accumulated value represented 298 thousands 361 million dollars.